Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Poor Number Three

Poor Simon.  I feel I need to dedicate some time to my third-born.  He has lived a life, so far, of a lot of "No's".  (i.e.:  "No, Simon, you can't join Callum/Max's soccer/baseball practice".  "No, honey, you can't stay at Callum/Max's school/art class".  "No, honey, you can't run around in the middle of Callum/Max's BMX/skateboard camp".  "I'm sorry, sweetie, but I can't take you swimming/skating every time Max/Callum has a swimming/skating lesson"...etc..). Sigh.  At least he recently had his first dentist appointment and I was able to say, "Yes, Simon, you get to sit in the fancy chair now!" and he was quite happy about it!

A couple months ago, I was made aware of a Preschool starting up at Callum and Max's school this fall, which could provide me with the opportunity to drop off all 3 of my children in the morning to have 3 hours a day, 4 days a week ALL TO MYSELF!  You can imagine my initial excitement over the idea.  I could take on more work, I could shower uninterrupted, I could grocery shop without saying "c'mon Max/Simon" a hundred times, I could do a work-out without someone crawling through my legs, I could sit at the computer and update my blog more regularly, I could actually manage household finances and not go over-budget every month, I could, I could, I could....etc.  

But I thought about it a little more... I probably wouldn't put Simon in swimming lessons or let him do multi-sport classes or watch him proudly as he learned to stand up over and over again as he learned to skate.  I wouldn't hang-out with him at the playground after dropping off his brothers or take him with me to have hot chocolate with whip-cream at Starbucks, just him and me. Or any of those other things I would do when it was just me and Callum, or even just Callum, Max and me.   I might not even pay much attention to him at home while I do all the things I didn't do while I was working during his preschool.  No, this is my baby, this is my last one, and I am going to savour him.  

This fall, when Max starts Kindergarten, I'm going to say "Yes!" to Simon!  I'm going to say "Yes, Simon, you can go swimming!" and "Yes, Simon, this is your soccer practice!", or "Yes, Simon, I'll do that gymnastics class with you!".  I am fortunate enough that I have a choice, that I can choose whether to work more or not, that I can choose to spend more time working versus more time with my kid.  So I choose my kid. I love him (besides, he is really super cute right now, learning to talk and actually using the toilet now, so I quite like him)!!

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