Tuesday, June 24, 2014

Oh ya, back in April there was a bachelorette party, and baseball in May...

The first weekend of April, I enjoyed a marvelous escape to Madeira Bay on the Sunshine Coast to celebrate a good friend's "stagette".  my friend Malaika planned a couple days of running, hiking, stand-up paddle-boarding, eating and sleeping for the bride-to-be Stephanie, so it wasn't your average bachelorette party - thank goodness.  It was wonderful.  (Stephanie's the one wearing funny things on her head, of course!).  And yes, I was the only one who fell in when we were paddle boarding.

Callum and Max ended their baseball season with a "special fun day", that wasn't really all that much fun starting with a boring ceremony, but there was a mascot and some blow-up games plus they got to sit in a fire truck, so I guess that made it "special".


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