Wednesday, July 23, 2014

Satisfying Production!

I have learned what a great sense of reward and satisfaction one can feel when a vegetable garden is successful!  

I am quite proud of my little effort at growing my own food, especially when, after only 45 minutes of harvesting, I bring this into my kitchen: 

We are almost at the end of my raspberries and snap peas, my beans are just starting to produce, but we have been enjoying lettuces, kale, swiss chard, a variety of herbs including some very happy basil, beets and carrots for several weeks now!  I will be seeding more arugula and spinach since we've eaten it all (though I am glad for a little break from arugula - we had so much and were experimenting with putting it in everything!), and it appears my squash and tomatoes will put out a good crop. Its a good thing Jeff eats only salad for 2 meals a day!  My strawberry patch became victim to a greedy racoon, so I'll have to put up some protection next season...

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