Wednesday, July 23, 2014

School to the US to celebrate Canada Day! (Huh?)

The end of the school year was somewhat abrupt for Callum, due to the teacher Strike action.  At the time, I was looking forward to a break from chauffering around and making lunches, but I confess that a week into the break and I'm reminded that lunches and driving are a small price to pay for my kids that are stimulated!.  Max's school ended normally, with a special goodbye to his teacher going to Rwanda with her family.

June 28th, we left for the Cascades, again, for our traditional Canada Day camping trip.  I did actually look into campgrounds in Canada, but they are just so busy and to get a decent one you have to travel pretty far.  So, we went to Colonial Creek Campground on Ross Lake with my cousin and his wife, Mike and Diana, and their 3 daughters, and my brother Scott and wife Samantha came too with their 2 girls, so there was a good group of us Canadians together anyway (not that we actually did any celebrating - oops!).

It didn't start out so great, with Simon throwing up during the car ride there and while setting up tents, then it poured rain in the evening and during the night, then I spent the night and next day with the flu!  However, we were there for 4 days, so things got better and the kids just had such a great time together!  We tried to get a few decent hikes in, but most of the trails still had too much snow, (even the parking lot at the trail head to Lake Ann and Rainy Lake was completely covered!), so I'd like to go back later in the summer to try again for those ones.

And because Scott came, we were able to get some pretty decent shots of a few places we went.



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