Thursday, September 29, 2016

Finish up summer

Next year, I need to remember to spread out the trips, and plan something for Labour Day weekend.  I feel a bit like I had packed in all our adventures (and spent all our money) in July, so August dragged a bit with the kids getting on each others nerves (and mine) - sometimes, you just have to stay home to get things done.  I put the kids went into a few camps, soccer camp for the mornings and a Grouse Mountain Day camp, during which I was able to hike up the Grind then continue up to Goat Mnt.

Some of our activities: We went to Second beach for a swim day, we went to visit Cindy and Teddy and swam in her Mom's pool, we had a family picnic at Cates park, we went to the top of Grouse and watched the Lumberjack show (4 times this summer!), we met up with the Sherwin's at Lynn Canyon, we went to Go Bananas and we had playdates with friends.

I started looking into camping options for the long weekend before school started, but we were too late to reserve anywhere decent and I decided first-come-first-serve sites were too risky.  Besides, I felt like I had used up all my "planning activities" reserves and we decided to just chill.  Jeff got tix to the Richmond Oval Experience, so we checked that out, but it turned out the climbing gym was closed that day, so we went out for dinner at Earl's instead.

And that was summer 2016.  I know there are Moms that don't want the summer to end and they love all the time they can spend time with their babies and they are sad to send their kids back to school.  I confess, I am not one of those Moms.  I have stuff to do!  I can't get anything done with my kids always needing to go to the skate park and to go swimming and go biking and playdates and camping and Science World and refereeing their arguments and to playgrounds and whatever their hearts desires might be.  Yup, I was ready for school to start.  Maybe it was the heavy weight on my mind that I hadn't spent more than an hour or two all summer working on my house design and I want to get it in for building permit by November... speaking of which, gotta stop blogging and get to work!

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