Friday, October 14, 2016

Fall begins.

Running on Mt.Fromme, I looked up from the trail to catch a glimpse of this light through these trees.  It was a good run.

School started, which meant Simon started Kindergarten!! There were a few days of gradual-entry, which was a little painful for him, but he was so ready for this. We even got there early one day and he played cards with a new friend while waiting to get into class.

Shortly after school started, Ross Road hosted a Pancake breakfast.

Although you might think that, with all 3 of my kids in school now, I would have all this free time to get in some consistent runs, but that hasn't been the case at all.  Before my running career was pretty much put to a halt by my obsessive design work on the house, I did manage to get one last good hike with some friends.  I originally planned on doing the Howe Sound Crest trail in one day, but my buddies weren't feeling too confident about that, so we compromised by hiking to the West Lion and back.

Our neighbourhood organized a block party, and it was pretty much the last activity of the "summer weather", since at 7pm at started pouring rain... letting us know that soccer season was about to start!

And so, the life of the Soccer Mom began.

Callum is Team Australia, Max is Team Columbia, Simon is Team Switzerland.

Simon is really loving soccer!  Here he is, all by himself, practicing his skills while waiting at Callum's soccer practice.

Simon turned 5 years old!   We had a little get-together at Scott and Samantha's the weekend before his birthday, then he had a simple play-date party at our house on his big day.

All he asked for were his 3 friends to come over and to have a white cake with blue icing and sprinkles.  I love a boy with simple requests.

His big present from us this year was a Lego Millennium Falcon.  His brothers were pretty excited about it too, and luckily Simon didn't mind so much that Callum assembled much of it for him.

We made a little trip to White Rock as well, to celebrate with Simon's old buddy, Heidi at her party.

There was a Pro-D day on the 30th and it was miraculously a clear day, so we invited the Amasio family to join us on a hike through Nelson Canyon to Whyte Lake.  It was lovely.

Of course, with school back in session, each of the kids has already taken a turn staying home with a cold, also sharing it with me and I'm still fighting off the lingering cough.  So, it gives me a good excuse to sit at my computer for hours at a time, working on our house design.  I think we may actually have a design we're happy with, that I just sent off to the structural engineer (hence why I have a little time to blog now!)...


  1. Gorgeous pics.

    You have quite the neighborhood, if that was your block party!

  2. I loooove your bits of everday amazing moments!!!
    And on top if that, you make time to keep record of it all. AWESOME, KELLI!!!