Friday, May 22, 2009

Risky Business

Ok, so Tom Cruise didn't have a diaper coming out of the top of his pants, but Callum's photoshoot here is a pretty good take on the famous movie scene, I think! He really enjoyed wearing his Dad's glasses and dancing around the apartment while Jeff took pictures. Are we promoting vanity...? :)

Last week was lacking in pleasure as we all were sick with a cold and housebound. This week, however, has been really good - the weather has been nice, so that helps a lot. Lots of trips to the beach to play with Callum's friends; Alejandro, Declan, Sam and Elliot, plus a boat ride to Granville Island to play with Kelli's friend Malaika. Jeff has found an office to work at (a friend's design firm has an extra desk for him), so he is feeling more productive now that he's not distracted by crying babies and the refrigerator in front of his face.

I think it is time for a trip to my parents house to raid the tubs of baby clothes in storage as Max is getting big very fast - not even 2 months old and needs the 3-6 months clothes already!

1 comment:

  1. That is definitely a cute photo shoot, but then again Callum always knows how to look good!
    We had a great time with you at the beach too! The weather is so awesome we should totally do that again sometime soon!
    Can't wait to see Max in the new clothes! He always looks so gorgeous!