Monday, May 11, 2009

Queen E and Locarno

We tried to make the best of the beautiful weather this weekend.

We went to Queen Elizabeth Park in the morning on Saturday and had lots of "fun" - actually, Max cried the whole time so it wasn't great. But then in the evening we met up with friends for a BBQ on Locarno beach - my favorite view of Vancouver is seen there. Margarita and Xavier Crespo are from Equador and their son, Alejandro, is Callum's good friend. Max behaved better, so it was a beautiful night.
When it was time to go, locating all of Callum's toys strewn across the beach was an interesting activity, and we found Ernie perched on a log, not far from Callum's $7 horse (I call his toy horse the $7 horse because I think it is ridiculous that I paid $7 for a little plastic horse!).

1 comment:

  1. You may have paid $7 for that horse...but it's the best life like horse I've seen in a long time!
    I'm glad you found it though. It would be ridiculous to pay $7 for it twice!!