Saturday, August 22, 2009

Sunshine Coast, again.

I can see there being increasingly more posts in this blog that include the Sunshine Coast, as we seem to really like it there. The boys and I all got healthy and happy again, so we left town for a few days to stay with Sven at a holiday-ing doctor's house (as Sven was covering for him at the hospital in Sechelt). It was a most relaxing and pleasant place (as you can see from the photo of me perusing a cooking magazine whilst sitting in a most scenic reading spot) and even Callum didn't want to come home. The house happens to sit on the largest piece on waterfront property in Robert's Creek, so it is just gorgeous.

We also spent some time on the project site to see the progress on Kim and Sven's house. Comin' along nicely, indeed. The first photo is patched together of a few shots, looking up the hill (click on it to get a bigger image), while the other two show some of the landscaping work with boulders and the front entry.

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