Wednesday, August 5, 2009

What a Week!

Callum got a bike! We ended up buying a used one from Craigslist since we wanted a Run-Bike - no pedals (supposedly better to teach balance so he can skip training wheels altogether), and he has made incredible progress over just a few days. He loves it (and won't leave the house without it, actually).

So, this heat has motivated me to take my kids to about every waterpark, beach or pool within walking distance of our place, and actually, that is quite a lot: Sunset Beach, English Bay, Coal Harbour Waterpark, Second Beach Pool, Kitsilano Beach and Granville Island Waterpark (though we took a boat for those last two).

Holiday Monday we went to Lynn Canyon and met up with Kami and her boys, Scott, Samantha and Lorelei, plus Kim and Adam. Lots of fun.


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