Monday, November 16, 2009

Baby For Sale! Cheap!

I just sent an e-mail to my family and, because of my wonderful mood, I decided to share it on my blog (which I am sure to regret when I am feeling less resentful towards my dear son):

"Baby for sale, baby for sale! Oh, what the heck - I'll give him away if that's what it will take!

He would be very usefull as an alarm clock with an effective snooze button, especially for those who may need to get up around 5:00-5:30am but you need a good couple of hours before that to actually get up. For example, he would go off at around 3:04am, 3:32am, then 4:10am, 4:30am, 4:55am, and finally 5:28am. He is very reliable, as he will do this every single morning, though he may have a tendency to go off at additional times, like 11:30pm, 12:20am or 1:10am. In order for the snooze button to work, however, you need to locate his soother (which is either stuck under the middle of his back, or buried and very-well hidden in his blankets around him) and plug it back into the hole from which the alarm is sounding. He is very talented, too, at getting the whole family up - I mean, if you have to get up, why not share the darkness of the middle of the night with everyone else! Besides, it is always better to be tired and grumpy with your kids than to do it alone, right?...."


  1. What a stinker! Too bad you can't duct tape it to his mouth.

  2. Hmmm... sounds an an awful like my baby alarm clock... You would think that by 16 months this would be over with. But Lisa was up at 4am and did not return to sleep until 6:00am. Don't you just love being a mom???

  3. Aww...I wish I could afford him Kel!! I just can't...but that's ok...this to shall pass!

  4. Being a parent is really a lot of work! Hang on there!