Sunday, November 1, 2009


I guess I feel less motivated to publish a new post when we just spend a lot of time at home, hiding from the rain and trying to get work done. Nevertheless, the kids are still growing and changing everyday, while Jeff and I watch with pride and awe.

Callum has been practicing his photography skills, and I LOVE this self-portrait:

He also observes the people around him doing what they do, i.e. Max playing;

And his mother working on the computer:

While I observe my boys doing funny things, like Callum hiding;

And Max repeatedly backwards-crawling his way under the couch:

Or Callum putting on my glasses and saying that he is a Doctor:

Since Jeff started his new job several weeks ago, we don't see him much, especially Max, since Jeff is so rushed in the mornings and comes home after Max is in bed - we hope that the crazy-busy schedule Jeff has been keeping might possibly slow down soon, but we're not sure when. We miss him.

Max is now sitting up, eating a lot of solid foods and has a relatively-regular sleeping schedule. It is still a tough task to get him to really laugh and he is so heavy (probably 22lbs!), but such a sweetheart. He plays with his toys happily, pretends that he can crawl, and the jolly jumper is his best friend - well, no, he so obviously adores his big brother as he grins everytime Callum looks at him.

Callum loves his Mom, his blankeys, his bike, Star Wars, Transformers, trains and cars, in that order - though when he is home, his Dad fits between his bike and Star Wars (hee). He laughs at everything, uses words like "frustrated" and says his Please+Thanks You's without being reminded (mostly). I have never, ever, felt as proud of anything/anyone in my entire life as I am of my little man Callum.

This is a happy life, this is my family.


  1. That's so awesome Kelli!! I totally can see how proud you are of your little men!!
    You're a great Mom and deserve to enjoy moments and posts like this!

  2. Great post! I love to hear how things are going, and can't believe how grown up Max is getting! Hope to see you all soon!

  3. P.S. You look fabulous!