Monday, December 7, 2009

Regular life stuff has been going on the past couple weeks, like Callum and Max getting bigger, cuter and smarter. They play amazingly well together and especially love wrestling in the crib and having a bath together. If I ever get upset with Max (like when he smears his blueberry breakfast on my white shirt!), Callum is quick to remind me, "he's just a baby, Mom". My 2 year old is scolding me.
Max has also managed to get his legs coordinated enough to crawl in the forward direction! And he has finally popped his first tooth, well, his 2 bottom teeth, actually! What a big boy!

Here's a pic someone took of Jeff at work - you know, inspecting stuff and making sure people do what he wants - he sometime calls himself a babysitter, actually.

Myself, I participated in the Festival of Nativities last weekend, playing the part of a singing shepherd in a group variation of God Rest Ye Merry Gentlemen.

So, it is now officially Christmas time and I will stop blogging so Callum and I can set out our decorations and maybe tomorrow we will go get a tree! How is it that this time of year always sneaks up on us!

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  1. You take some amazingly fun pics of your fam! I love it! And you look amazing in the Creche photo!! Love it!