Wednesday, December 23, 2009

Update before the Christmas Shananagin'

It has been too many weeks since I posted - I guess that is just part of this time of year! So, since I posted last, Jeff and I went to visit our project in Gibson's, Kim and Sven's place. Construction is comin' along, though it is funny that, as the designer, you see more things that could have been done better or should be fixed than you just appreciate how cool it is.

Otherwise, Jeff and I also went to his work's Christmas party a couple weekends ago where the inept Valet company actually had our car stolen! Yup, 2 cars and 4 sets of keys were taken under their watch, and our car happened to be one of the victim's. Well, long story short, our car was found! It is still sitting in forensics at the Police Station while we drive a rental with the 2 new car seats we bought, but we don't really mind since the rental is newer, fancier and an automatic!

Christmas Eve is tomorrow (!) and I have edited my to-do list to be more realistic and not completely disappoint myself. Next year, I am starting Christmas preparations in October. I should go to bed now since it will be another rough night - Max's fever was up to 103.7 today, so I sure hope he is alright.


  1. That is a super cool project! Bummer on the car; way to see the upside. To do lists are highly overrated. I am still trying to figure out why we can get sucked into doing so much for essientially one day. I am feeling bitter because my to do list is not getting completed. And poor Max, we(Marley) and I feel your pain. She had a really high fever and I took her to ER only to find out she had an ear infection. Happy Holidays!

  2. Let me know how Max is doing! I'm so proud of you and for your project! It looks amazing!! Merry Christmas and I'll see you soon!