Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Jam, Camp, Corn.

I really don't like store-bought jam and I complain about it a lot, so this year I decided to stop whining and just make my own. Mmmmm... homemade strawberry jam... I am not disappointed.

For Canada Day, we went down to Mt.Baker and did a hike and an overnight camping trip to see how the boys would do, hiking and tenting. It was a great success, actually! We couldn't do the hike I planned since the road up there was closed, so we did a mild one that kept Jeff and I trying to keep up with Callum most of the way (he probably hiked over 3km). But the boys especially loved exploring the camp. Max is just about the perfect age not to take camping, since he was most intrigued by the raging river next to us and the campfire - but we managed to keep him alive.

Oh ya. Jeff introduced me to "Spider Dogs", which he is appalled that I hadn't heard of them before. That is what I am roasting in my left hand.

Jeff is also the best marshmallow roaster I have ever met, hands down! Evenly golden on all sides and gooey in the center, so he made perfect Smores that actually melted the chocolate. Impressive.

It did end up being a little colder than we hoped, so we drove back and found Vancouver to be warm and sunny, so we went to the beach and had a BBQ, including corn on the cob for Callum and Max.

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  1. Looks like we have been having similar adventures! We need to plan one together soon!