Thursday, April 18, 2013

Boys on bikes.

 I almost forgot to mention Callum's BMX bike camp over spring break. His friend, Mattias, was registered for it and I'm glad his Mom mentioned it to me since I usually don't look at programs outside South Surrey, but we ventured up to Cloverdale and Callum just LOVED it.  I didn't get to watch him much since Simon believed he should have been able to participate and I needed to otherwise occupy him, but Gaby, Mattias' Mom, took a few pics.  Mattias' sister, Anna, was there to play with Max too.

The big news, however, comes from just 2 days ago when I told Max he is just too big for the bike seat on Mom's bike (as we biked to Callum's school for the first time this Spring on Tuesday).  So we came home, pulled out the pedal bike, and VOILA!  Max is a big-boy biker!! I have to say that the pride and excitement I felt while watching him learn to ride wasn't any less than when my first kid did it.  Look at the smile on his face - he is SO proud of himself!

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