Thursday, April 18, 2013

Just a few things of interest.

March was pretty fun, as we celebrated both Max and Jeff's birthdays.  As documented in my last blog, Max had a super awesome party and it was followed by a brief getaway for Jeff and I to Gibsons, where we awoke to an amazing mountain and ocean view (that we specifically designed for my sister's bedroom) and spent a few uninterrupted hours perusing the new architecture books I bought Jeff.  The following weekend, Jeff bought himself a little birthday present - a BMW X3!  He deserves it. (Besides, Jeff did get the Jetta into another little fender-bender that instigated the search for a new car).

I felt like a jet-set woman for a day, driving our new Beamer to the downtown Harbour plane airport for a day-trip to Victoria on the 17th.  I sort of invited myself to visit my friend Malaika and she scored me a couple of buddy passes from her hubby Peter since he is a pilot for Harbour Air now, and it was a lovely day for a little excursion and a great chance to visit.

Before Easter, my Calgary sister, Krista, flew out so we could have a girls-night at Gibsons on Good Friday, so I was lucky to enjoy 3 separate getaways from my 3 crazy boys that have been driving me crazy (well, really it's just the youngest one that is driving me crazy!).   We still managed to fit in a little Easter Egg hunt on Easter Monday, and they were adorably excited.

Oh ya, and there was Spring Break.  We went to Vancouver for a day to do a little Seawall biking and meet up with our friends.  I like to say that Callum is the "country mouse" that gets to play with his "city mouse" friend, Banyan, when either his Mom, Julianne, or I are willing to make the drive, but we really should do it more often since they have such fun together.

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