Thursday, April 18, 2013

Kelli in NY!

 Apparently, if you whine to your husband enough about the drudgery of the house-wife life that limits any cultural stimulation and bores you to death with the redundancy, he will try to appease you with a trip to New York!  Well, ok, maybe not all husbands will be so generous, but mine is!  Lucky me!!!!

Kim and I left on a Thursday night (April 4th) so we arrived in New York early Friday morning then walked and walked and walked until Monday evening when we headed back home. It was great.  I could have used at least 2 more days to fit in all my 'must-do' items, but I think it was an awesome introduction for me.

A small selection of pics to summarize (though not in any particular order):

And then I think it took me less than 48 hours after getting home to be ready for another break from the kids!  Oh, alright, no, they aren't so bad... I love 'em. 

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  1. Great tip! I am going to try it on my husband! ;)