Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Max turned 4!

 I'm not sure how we ended up choosing the theme of Max's birthday party, but it was a Secret Agent Party!  He invited 7 of his preschool buddies, plus Lorelei and Callum, so it was a good little group of kids. They each got Secret Agent sunglasses and ID tags to wear before we played some games, like decoding a secret message by finding letters that were hidden in the backyard.

There was also Pin-the-Disguise-on-the-Spy.
 The kids were very excited for Max to open the gifts they brought, so we did that before Cake.

I think it was a success.  We had planned for Max to have a sleepover at Lorelei's that night and my Mom was going to spend the night at our place while Jeff and I went to Gibson's, to have some quiet time together for Jeff's birthday.  While on the ferry to Gibson's, however, my Mom calls to tell us we never gave her our house key - Oops! 

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